Just Stop It


Frank and Jamie, are just that now aren’t they?  It’s one thing to merely drag out your messy divorce for months on end in the media, but the damage these two delusional nit wits have perpetrated on the Dodgers is un-forgivable.  As Dandy Don would say “Turn out the lights, the party’s over”  Frank listen up dude, you’re done, so done you can’t recover.  Even if you think you are right in this fight, it’s too damn late,  What makes you think you can get the fans back into the stadium after your performance at the helm of this once proud franchise?  Watching the games on TV is only proof that the fans are staying away in droves, no matter what bullshit figures you post as the paid attendance.  

I don’t even like Bud Selig, but I and most fans are with him all the way on this one.  As a third generation Los Angeles native, I say “get the hell out of my town!!”


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